Takis Bardakos

Takis Bardakos
Director – Cinematography

Licenced Director of Photography of the high school of the cinema L. Stavrakos in Athens, holder of practice of the profession of cinematographer from the ministry of Culture.

From 1989 he works as director of photography on tv series, cinema movies, documentaries for cinema and tv, also and as a director of lighting at the theater.
He has made the direction and photograph at the award winning documentary “METALLICA”, that represented Greece at the international Festival CINEMA DU REEL (Paris). He has directed the series of documentaries “META MUSEUM” (2010) for the public television, ERT, (NERIT).

After the outbreak of the economic crisis in Greece, he participates voluntarily at the creation of actions for social solidarity. At the same time he creates the cultural association Square Films and from 2012 until 2014 he films the documentary «Athens From Beneath» Τhe documentary of poor people.


Kostas Iordanidis

Kostas Iordanidis
Film editor (cutter)

He was born at Athens in 1957. From 1970 he is working as assistant cutter at the film company Finos Films.

In 1975 he gained the B’ Prize at the contest of Greek Center of the Cinema, for his film «ΤΗΕ DAY OFF», where he made the scenario and the film direction.

In 1977 he cuts his first full length film, under direction of Dimitris Dimogerontakis. After that he collaborated with many Greeks film makers, making editing at full length films of them, like Nikos Panagiotopoulos, Stavros Tsiolis, Dimitris Makris, Lefteris Xanthopoulos, Christos Bakalopoulos, Michalis Lefakis, Dimitris Stavrakas, Bill Bafeas, Bill Duros and others.

He has made the montage of many documentaries and he has collaborated for the programs of ministries of Agriculture and Culture.

Finally he has collaborated for the montage of many tv programs in many audiovisual companies like ANOSI, TELEKINISI, PLD etc.


Marios Strofalis

Marios Strofalis
Music composer

He started his studies at the National music school and he finished his academic studies in composition, musicology and acting at the Conservatoire N. Superieur M.D. de Paris and at the University Paris VIII in France.

He has won many awards as composer of soundtracks, has big discography, whose music we have heard in many films.

The last 11 years he gives concerts constantly with his quartet, and he has made the discography of the European Taxim I and II, that are cinema travels in ports of Mediterranean south-European Culture.

In 2011 he worked at Technopolis in City of Athens, as Art Consultant of the music festivals.
In 2012 he created the Athenian Cultural Net, one very active society, composed of many independents cultural groups of the city, with objective the application in maximum of the artistic voluntarism, for the support and promotion of the cultural and social values. Athens Gardens Festival, Petit Paris d’ Athens (Little Paris of Athens), Patision Cinemart and Mediterrepolis are the 4 cultural programs of Athenian Cultural Net.


Κατσάνος Θεόφιλος

Katsanos Theo
sound engineer

Electronics technician, Computers technician, Sound engineer and recordist with 32 years of work experience in audiovisual industry with documentaries, serials, theatrical and athletic shows.
I was born and I live in Athens-Hellas. I'm in love with my family, computers, Rock music and cinema.

Oh! I forgot to mention my dog Freddy.....sorry Freddy !!!!