Border Souls
A Documentary by Takis Bardakos

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From war-torn countries to dangerous sea crossings, refugees journey north with one thing on their minds: Borders. But when Europe closes their borders to Greece and international news coverage wanes, the refugees become invisible to the outside world. They become the Border Souls.

Award-winning Greek filmmaker Takis Bardakos (ATHENS FROM BENEATH) films behind the lines trapping more than 50,000 refugees in Greece and discovers the beauty in the chaos in his upcoming one-hour feature documentary, «Border Souls». Filming the widespread compassion and generosity of fellow Greek citizens, especially the monks and nuns of Halkidiki who arrive with truckloads of food, water, and clothing at the peak of the neglected humanitarian crisis, the documentary illuminates mankind’s ability to change the world with less talk and more action. Regardless of their own country’s economic strife, the monastery and surrounding villages unite Christians and Muslims at the dinner table, under the same roof, and on makeshift soccer fields.

«BORDER SOULS» is filmed at the epicenter of the tragedy, capturing the refugee plight through intimate images and offering a poetic peek into the lingering, aimless souls along the Greek border still waiting to find home.

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